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"Gathering of Eagles"
by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor's "Gathering of Eagles" A Limited Edition of 1000 prints, signed and numbered, 33" X 23 1/2" When in late April 1986 many of the world's greatest and most famous aviators assembled in Las Vegas for a celebration reunion and symposium on air combat it was in an atmosphere of great conviviality and friendship.Nostalgic stories were swapped and the achievements of man in the air celebrated as only those can who have contributed so much to this unique area of endeavor.

In 1944, however, it was with a far more serious purpose that the original gathering of eagles' occurred. In the scene portrayed by Robert Taylor, B-17 bombers of the Mighty Eighth are seen returning from a mission over Germany, escorted by P-51 Mustangs of the USAAF and RAF Spitfires. Having endured all the flak thrown at them by the ground defenses, the courageous and determined crews now have to face attacks by FW-190 pilots of Luftwaffe. The ensuing aerial battle is admirably conveyed in Robert Taylor's fine painting which sets the scene against a contrasting warm, placid evening sky, adding further dramatic impact to the print.

Each copy is signed by:

In addition to the signatures of seven of the most outstanding fighter pilots of the British, American and German Air Forces, Robert Taylor's signature and edition number adds significant value to each print in this unique strictly limited edition.